Three brothers, orphaned and responsible for each other, are each affected by their abusive uncle. They must band together to escape his tyranny and discover the truth about their father’s death. As they work together, they also develop an even deeper appreciation for each other and their connection as brothers.

I really enjoyed the writing. A.M. Goetz has a way with words, and her descriptive language makes the boys come to life. Several plot twists also kept me engaged and excited to keep reading.

Despite the dark theme, some sexual content and cursing, I appreciated the overwhelming love woven throughout the book. The boys and two friends demonstrate true unconditional, sacrificial love and brotherly love for each other to the point of sacrificing themselves. In the midst of intense suffering, love and faith win! I also appreciated insight into the Appalachian way of life and the importance of respect for our earth and its creatures.

I recommend this book for older teens and adults. I’m excited to read the next installment as the adventures of the Ashkettle Boys continue!