Best New Noir Fiction for 2021

Someone to Watch Over Me, by Dan Bronson

According to fans of noir fiction, Dan Bronson’s latest novel is an immersive 5-star read.

When did you last read a book that reached out a meaty, battle-scarred fist, grabbed you round the throat and dragged you, struggling, into darkened streets, thick with the stench of cigar smoke and shiny with foul puddles?

If you click over to Amazon or Barnes & Noble to purchase Dan Bronson’s latest offering, Someone to Watch Over Me, you can be assaulted right now!

But in the very best way.

Someone to Watch Over Me is Bronson’s second book but his first foray into noir fiction. And just like a riveting film noir, Someone is chock-full of mysterious shadows, tragic circumstances, and foreboding imagery. In fact, if you listen closely, you may even hear the haunting notes of a sexy jazz saxophone running through the backstory.

Welcome to 1940s Hollywood

Set in 1940s Hollywood, Someone to Watch Over Me comes complete with busty, whispering starlets and the unethical studios who exploit them. And in the middle of it all is Jack Shannon, publicist to the very famous and fixer of bad behavior. Shannon’s employment depends on his skills at subterfuge, so when he’s recruited to safeguard Titanic Studio’s top ticket — blonde, breathy Savannah Stevens — he expects just another day on the job.

But this latest task quickly becomes more than just another assignment. Someone is following the bubbly bombshell, and Shannon is determined to find out the who and why.

Not Your Typical Hardboiled Detective Novel

Bronson’s Jack Shannon is not your stereotypical hardboiled detective, but he does find himself playing the investigator’s role as his association with America’s current sweetheart spirals more and more out of control. He won’t stop until he uncovers what’s going down at Titanic, even if his efforts cost him his job … or his life.

In Someone to Watch Over Me, Dan Bronson, former Hollywood screenwriter and Executive Story Editor at Paramount Pictures with ties to films such as “Witness” and “Pretty in Pink,” channels his formidable writing skills in an exciting new direction. The result is a book we’re expecting to become a best new noir fiction novel of 2021 and Bronson’s flawed-but-well-meaning protagonist, Jack Shannon, a burgeoning new hero for fans of Post-War Hollywood.

Start Your New Noir Fiction Adventure Today

Someone to Watch Over Me is an immersive, satisfying read for anyone who longs to lose themselves in a moody mystery. It’s available in paperback, hardcover, Kindle, and Nook. Grab your copy today. And learn more about the author at the links below.

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