Available in Paperback Today

Hi Guys! I have news 🙂

Ashkettle Boys: The Trilogy is now available in beautiful, glossy paperback! And it’s debuting at the low price of just $8.99.

The Trilogy Edition contains the first three novellas in the Ashkettle Boys Books Series:

  • Ashkettle Crazy
  • Ashkettle Haunted
  • Ashkettle Fierce

Each book is included in its entirety, so if you have yet to dive deeply into the turbulent waters of the Ashkettle Boys’ world, now is the time to make that leap.


“Together for a limited time, Volumes 1-3 of the moving Ashkettle Boys Book Series will keep you up late at night turning pages.

Sonny, Bo and Dack had all the love three boys needed until Mom died and Pop was murdered. That’s when evil Uncle Merle moved in, and life changed from unconventional to unbearable.

Three devoted brothers, one murderous madman and seven long years of abuse merge one November night into the explosive event that kicks off the trilogy.

Follow along as three young brothers from the backwoods of Pennsylvania battle killers, Mother Nature and mental illness in their quest for the perfect, peaceful life.”

But if you like your books a bit more on the electronic side, you can read the trilogy for FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

I hope you’ll pick up a copy!



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